Caitlin Fairlie

For the first time Into the New is being co-produced by two students producers, Caitlin Fairlie and Laura Fisher.

Laura and Caitlin’s creative collaboration as co-producers for Into the New 2018 was born of a shared enthusiasm for the potential of the festival through the eyes of a student and the opportunity to shape the final moments on the programme together, before graduating.

Caitlin is a producer and performance maker who is interested in the creation of events, happenings and the coming together of people. Professionally, she works as a producer and facilitator and is driven by a need to question and critique the patriarchal systems she is a part of.

As a performance maker her practise centres around her identity as a female who grew up nurturing and then ultimately killing the animals on her family farm. Bound in interrogations of the woman as animal, as nurturer, as server, and as destroyer her performance work is similar to that of her producing practise as both are interested in the artists role of provoking others to have visceral and deep interrogation of themselves.

Caitlin has performed at Buzzcut performance festival, Camden’s Peoples Theatre, the Centre of Contemporary Art, The Spiegel Tent- Edinburgh, SWG3, Glasgow school of Art and The Glue Factory.

Caitlin’s producing practise has been heavily influenced by her professional placement with Buzzcut festival. She has also provided production support for Edge Effect festival.

“Our shared vision for the festival is to produce a carefully curated ark from beginning to end, which elevates the work of the students and situates it within both an academic and a performative context.

We are thrilled to take on the role of producers and the opportunity to present our class, the class of 2018.” 





Persona in Context, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2015

Performer, Epilogue, Directed by Peter McMaster, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2015

The Pain of Being Pink at Heart, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2017

Being Served, The Royal Conservatoire of Scotland, 2017

Performer, Selkie, Camden People Theatre, 2016